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The CIPT is the first and only certification of its kind worldwide. It was launched by the IAPP in 2014 to meet the growing need that only tech pros can fill-securing data privacy at all stages of IT product and service lifecycles. Credential shows you’ve got the knowledge to build your organization’s data protection structures from the ground up. With regulators worldwide calling for tech professionals to factor data protection into their products and services, the job market for privacy-trained IT pros has never been stronger. Whether you work in the public or private sector, data privacy skills are quickly becoming a must-have and that’s a great opportunity for you.


  • Data Protection Officers
  • Data Protection Managers
  • Auditors
  • Legal Compliance Officers
  • Security Manager
  • Information Managers
  • Anyone involved with data protection processes and programmes
  • Área: IAPPGDPR

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Module 1: Introduction to privacy program management

Module 2: Privacy governance

Module 3: Applicable laws and regulations

Module 4: Data assessments

Module 5: Policies

Module 6: Data subject rights

Module 7: Training and awareness

Module 8: Protecting personal information

Module 9: Data breach incident plans

Module 10: Monitoring and auditing program performance

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