Certified Network Defender (CND)

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REF: CND Catálogo: Cybersecurity Área: EC-Council

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CND v2 is based on the cybersecurity education framework and work role task analysis presented by the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF). The program is also mapped to the Department of Defense (DoD) roles for system/network administrators as well as global work roles and responsibilities laid out by the revised NICE Framework 2.0

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CND v2 is for those who work in the network administration/cybersecurity domain in the capacity of Network Administrator/Engineer, Network Security Administrator/Engineer/Analyst, Cybersecurity Engineer, Security Analyst, Network Defense Technician, Security Operator. CND v2 is for all cybersecurity operations, roles, and anyone looking to build a career in cybersecurity.

  • Área: Cybersecurity

  • Certificação Associada: 312-38 (ECC EXAM)

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Module1: Network Attacks and Defense Strategies Module 2: Administrative Network Security Module 3: Technical Network Security Module 4: Network Perimeter Security Module 5: Endpoint Security-Windows Systems Module 6: Endpoint Security-Linux Systems Module 7: Endpoint Security- Mobile Devices Module 8: Endpoint Security-IoT Devices Module 9: Administrative Application Security Module 10: Data Security

Module 11: Enterprise Virtual Network Security Module 12: Enterprise Cloud Network Security Module 13: Enterprise Wireless Network Security Module 14: Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Module 15: Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis Module 16: Incident Response and Forensic Investigation Module 17: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Module 18: Risk Anticipation with Risk Management Module19: Threat Assessment with Attack Surface Analysis Module 20: Threat Prediction with Cyber Threat Intelligence


To be eligible to challenge the EC-Council CND certification examination, the candidate has two options:

  • Attend Official Network Security Training by EC-Council If a candidate has completed an official EC-Council training either at an Accredited Training Center, via the iClass platform, or at an approved academic institution, the candidate is eligible to challenge the relevant EC-Council exam without going through the application process.

  • Attempt the Exam without Official EC-Council Training: In order to be considered for the EC-Council CND v2 exam without attending official network security training, the candidate must have at least 2 years of work experience in the Information Security domain.

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